Robert Cogan
Jim Kesaris
Chief Financial Officer at nliven systems, a Humana Company

I have known Reuven both on a personal, as well as on a business basis. I have found Reuven to be a person of the highest integrity, client service-oriented and very passionate about his accounting and finance profession. He has always earned the respect of his clients, peers, and colleagues, as a strategic minded, hands-on and detail-oriented executive, leading by example, and developing solid client and business relationships.

Reuven provides a unique blend of strategic long-term thinking with everyday good common business sense. His attention to detail does not mean losing track of the bigger picture and the overall goal of his clients. Reuven is an exceptional person who is effective both inside and outside the organization.

Furthermore, Reuven is very generous with his time and technical expertise, sitting on the Boards and supporting various charitable organizations, by completing project work that require his financial and operations business skills.

I highly recommend Reuven and certain he will be a great contributing team member and asset to any organization. If you have any questions or would like additional information about him, please feel free to contact me on my mobile phone at: 858-603-1436

Jim Kesaris
Robert Cogan
Owner, Principal Attorney at Continuum Law

Reuven understands the interplay of the multiple facets of financial reporting, e.g., as a tool for management, as an element of compliance with state and federal laws, and as a portrayal of the health and character of a company. He is able to reconcile the various forces tugging in different directions to provide reports that are both helpful to the company and rigorously correct.

Eran Sinai (Top 1% most viewed profile 2012)

Eran Sinai
President / CEO at ID Theft Recovery, Inc.

I have worked with Reuven for a few years now. I found Reuven’s knowledge to be superb. Reuven’s approach is refreshing and one that helps the client understand the situation and how to deal with each scenario. Reuven’s integrity is over and beyond but yet his creative approach has helped me tremendously. I would not hesitate to refer my clients to see Reuven.

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As Board Member and Treasurer of Just In Time for Foster Youth

I have had the pleasure of working with Reuven Rubinson while we both served on the Board of Directors of Just in Time for Foster Youth, a non-profit charity organization that assists foster youth in San Diego County.

One of Reuven’s greatest qualities is that, whatever job he takes on, he does it wholeheartedly. When his opinion is requested, he gives a thought-provoking, constructive answer. When he has a task to perform, he thinks it through and comes up with the most efficient and thorough way to successfully execute the task. Perseverance and persistence are his allies.

One has only to look at Reuven’s resume to see that he is very well-educated with significant work experience involving finances. What may not be so obvious is his sincere desire to help others. Reuven has devoted a great deal of his time in service to his community.

During his tenure with Just in Time, Reuven made significant contributions to our organization. He prepared and submitted our first 990’s.

He supervised the accounting activities, budget, and financials of Just in Time. He regularly attended Board meetings and Executive sessions, and he was always willing to take on additional responsibilities.

While Reuven chose to resign from our Board of Directors due to professional obligations, I am confident he will continue to work on behalf of others in the future. I will miss his inquisitive mind and his sense of humor.

Diane Cox, First American Title Company, San Diego

Jane Borneman, CEP
Jane Borneman, CEP
Sr Mgr, Stock Administration at Qualcomm

Reuven saved us by stepping in to complete our personal and corporate income tax returns just days before the deadline when our previous CPA was not returning our calls. Since then he has saved us thousands of dollars through various tax planning strategies. I highly recommend him.


Gregory Powers, CFP®, CIMA®, ChFC®, AIF®

Sr. Wealth Adviser at United Capital, formerly The Hunter Group

As a financial planner, I try to work very closely with my client’s accountant to ensure that all parties are on the same page insofar as what is in the client’s best interests, both today and going forward. It has been my experience that accountant who maintains a longer-term, goal-based orientation and perspective is in the vast minority and is of immense value to both myself and my clients. In my opinion, Reuven’s approach and philosophy embodies these characteristics. He is remarkably knowledgeable and truly a joy to work with. I would, and do, recommend him to my clients as well as other financial professionals

Bob Campbell
Bob Campbell
Chief Executive Officer Turnaround || Open to New Opportunities

One of the most visible of Reuven’s many qualities, in my experience, is his helpfulness. He is always available with an idea or some good feedback for helping others–a key factor when “teamwork” is essential.

David Demangos
David Demangos
San Diego Real Estate Expert @ Keller Williams

Reuven is a people connector. He volunteers and donates much of his time and wisdom with no strings attached. In the time I have known him, he has always been prompt and acts on his every word. He will remain highly trusted as a friend and colleague.

Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres
After knowing Reuven for more than two decades, I can tell you there are not many people I trust as much as him. His advice and knowledge have been invaluable. Whether you need tax services or business consultation you cannot do much better…