Public Accounting Practice

  • Provide ongoing part-time and interim CFO and controller services
  • Provide accounting, business and computer consulting services
  • Develop business plans and financial models
  • Prepare tax returns – Businesses, nonprofits and individual
  • Develop, implement and monitor internal control systems
  • Assist with mergers and acquisitions

Company Philosophy

Our mission is to educate and serve our clients so they make informed choices – NOT to make the choices for them. We know their financial futures are determined by the quality and thoroughness of our recommendations and their decisions.

Accordingly, in performing our CFO, controller and business consulting services, we act as a sounding board and a reality check. We assist in developing budgets, projections, business plans and high-level strategies.

And, in preparing current and prior year business and personal tax returns, we present alternative strategies for your consideration to minimize tax liability.

Our goal is to provide a high level of service and professional counsel that leads to long-term business relationships based on trust and integrity.

In line with the company philosophy of developing long-term business relationships based on trust and integrity, we provide professional services and counsel to more than 50 businesses on an ongoing basis. The company normally works with companies from start-up to $10,000,000 of revenue. As they grow we scale our services to help them become successful. Several clients have been with the Company over 20 years.


Please check out other information on the company, as well as several other videos, at the San Diego Professional Journal.

Here are questions that business owners often ask and my answers to them:

Do You Understand My Problem?

Are You Qualified To Solve My Problem?

Will this work for me?

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